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Mikhaylenko C.I. A finite volume mesh with periodic boundary conditions for a vortex tube numerical simulation. Multiphase Systems. 16 (2021) 2. 72–78.
2021. Vol. 16. Issue 2, Pp. 72–78
DOI: 10.21662/mfs2021.2.010
A finite volume mesh with periodic boundary conditions for a vortex tube numerical simulation
Mikhaylenko C.I.
Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanisc UFRC RAS, Ufa, Russia


The article describes some aspects of computational modeling of air dynamics in a vortex tube channel. In particular, possible approaches to the numerical study of various geometric parameters are considered, both for the efficiency of temperature stratification and for maximizing or minimizing various parameters of physical diaphragms. An approach to the choice of a method for constructing a finite-volume mesh is presented. It is shown that the best performance can be achieved when using an orthogonalized hexagonal grid with a distribution of finite dimensions close to uniform. The findings are applied in modeling in the OpenFOAM environment for k−ε and k−ω turbulence models. It is shown that in the above formulation of the problem, the results obtained demonstrate the general nature of the dependence of the physical parameters on the dimensions of the cold diaphragm. However, a quantitative difference in the results for the k−ε and k−ω models should be noted. It requires further research and comparison with experimental data


numerical simulation,
finite volume mesh,
vortex tube,


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