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Editorial policies

Copyright Policy

The journal ”Multiphase Systems“, produced by its founder and publisher the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (UFRC RAS), is published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons license. The license type is Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

”Multiphase Systems“ journal follows a full open access policy (Open Access Policy). This means that all articles and materials published in the journal (on the official website of the journal) are available for

  • It may be read, printed, copied and distributed in any format and on any medium;
  • may be modified in whole or in part and subsequently used for educational, scientific and other purposes (including commercial ones).

In this case, the following conditions must be met

  • Attribution — any non-original recording or publication of an article or material must include comprehensive information about the author(s) of the text and ”Multiphase Systems“ journal, a copyright and license notice, and a link to the original publication;
  • Free access – neither readers nor users of the material have the right to impose any additional restrictions on its distribution beyond those specified in the license, for example, blocking access to the journal's website or charging for articles.

Confidentiality policy

All manuscripts submitted to the editors of the journal "Multiphase Systems" are confidential documents until publication. It is forbidden to make them known to or discuss them with others (except for members of the editorial board of the journal and relevant referees and experts).

Confidential information or ideas obtained during scientific expertise (peer review) and editing may not be disclosed or used for personal purposes.

Anti-plagiarism policy

The journal ”Multiphase Systems“ publishes only original work of a high scientific level. By submitting the article to the editorial office, the author agrees to

  • This article has not been previously published as an article;
  • This article has not been submitted for publication in another publication; and
  • All quotations from other works used in the text (both the author's own works and works by other authors) have been verified with appropriate references.

Authorship has been verified using Antiplagiat JSC's Antiplagiarism system. Any confirmed plagiarism will not be accepted for publication. This will be notified in writing to the author(s) and the organization to which the author(s) belong.

Funding policy

Articles in Multiphase Systems will be made available free of charge to all authors. The editors will not charge authors for the submission, peer review, editing or publication of articles. Funding is provided through the publisher's budget and extra-budgetary funds. There will also be no copyright fees.

Publicity policy

The magazine does not publish promotional material and does not sell advertising related to individual articles.

Deposit policy

In accordance with the terms of the journal's open access license, authors have the right to distribute the final published version of their article immediately after publication, provided that Multiphase Systems appears as the original place of publication and that proper attribution requirements are met. Authors are also encouraged to provide an e-mail address for published articles.

Data retention policy

Information about all articles published in the journal ”Multiphase Systems” is available on the official website, is also available on the following sites:

  • National Electronic Science Library (NEB) eLIBRARY.RU (eLIBRARY ID 69481)
  • All-Russian portal Math-Net.Ru
  • Official registry of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) by the International DOI Foundation (DOI prefix version 10.21662)

The placement of material on these sites is intended to provide the widest possible access to the journal material provided by the Open Access publishing practice.

The archive of material includes texts of peer-reviewed articles, annotations and a list of citations to them. These materials are of high scientific value as they contain descriptions of the most important results of the research.

Self-archiving policy

Authors have the right to publish their work published in the journal on their personal websites and in various databases, indicating the journal name, volume and issue number. In this context, editors are encouraged to use the completed PDF version of the article or provide a link to it.

Processing of personal data

Personal information provided by the author to the journal in addition to the above information (e.g. additional e-mail addresses or telephone numbers) will only be used to contact the author during the preparation of the article for publication. The Editorial Board undertakes not to transfer this personal data to third parties who may use it for other purposes.