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Manuscript submission guidelines

When the authors submit an article for publication, they agree to place the published article in electronic form on the website of the Journal, as well as in full-text databases.

Sending of the mauuscript by the author and related materials to the e-mail address is a form of Acceptance of the Offer to accept the agreement (public offer) granting the right to use the work in the periodical electronic scientific journal ”Multiphase Systems“.

In accordance with the public offer, the author, sending the manuscript to the email address of the editors

  • undertakes will not publish this material in whole or in part until it is published in the journal ”Multiphase Systems“,
  • guarantees the originality of the article,
  • agrees with the principles set forth in the sections ”Publication Ethics” and ”Publication Policy”.

The authors receive a confirmation what the manuscript is received in the editorial office. The confirmation is sended by e-mail, from which the materials were sent, within 10 days. All manuscripts of articles submitted to the editors of the journal ”Multiphase Systems” are checked in the ”Antiplagiarism” system.

The editors undertake to notify the author of the acceptance or rejection of the article within 3 months from the date of submission.

Manuscripts are reviewed. The decision to publish an article is made by the editorial of the journal based on the reviews of the reviewers.

The editors reserves the right to distribute received papers by issue and refuse to publish articles that do not meet the requirements.

An articles that received the statuses of ”recommended for publication” or ”recommended for publication after revision“ as a result of the review is published in the journal in the order of line. Necessary changes are made together with the author within 30 days after receiving the review.

The editors have the right to make stylistic editing of the received materials.

When an article is published, the manuscript's submission date and the date of acceptance of the final version of the manuscript for publication are indicated.