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Zakirov K.R. Formation and propagation of waves during cavitation Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanics of Ufa Branch of RAS. 3 (2003). 128–141.
2003. Vol. 3. Issue 1, Pp. 128–141
DOI: 10.21662/uim2003.1.010
Formation and propagation of waves during cavitation
Zakirov K.R.
Institute of Mechanics, Ufa


The paper explores the collapse of a vapor bubble in a compressible fluid, accompanied by radiation from a divergent wave. The compressibility of a fluid is modeled using an isentropic equation of state of theta. The formation of a perturbation In the neighborhood of a bubble upon collapse, and then its propagation in surrounding the liquid upon re-expansion of the bubble. Divergent The wave is fairly accurately recorded in laser experiments breakdown of liquid, using sensors installed at some distance from the bubble. As for the formation of disturbances, in the literature there is a self-similar solution obtained for a liquid with equation Theta's state, which describes the final stage of the collapse. Based on this self-similar solution, a numerical scheme. After that, the numerical solution of the diverging wave is compared with available experimental data. Received good agreement with experiment.


Rayleigh problem,
laser breakdown,
fluid compressibility,
single bubble collapse,
numerical simulation