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Yakhanova N.E., Chuvyrov A.N. Transport phenomena in quasi-two-dimensional graphite Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanics of Ufa Branch of RAS. 6 (2008). 223–228.
2008. Vol. 6. Issue 1, Pp. 223–228
DOI: 10.21662/uim2008.1.033
Transport phenomena in quasi-two-dimensional graphite
Yakhanova N.E., Chuvyrov A.N.
Bashkir state university, Ufa


High-quality carbon films with the structure of a quasi-two-dimensional nanogram with a size of flat nanoclusters of about 5.0-6.0 nm were obtained using crystalline polyacetylene, which in itself is a conducting polymer, but with extremely low chemical activity.


quasi-two-dimensional graphite,
longitudinal and transverse conductivity,
heat treatment,
carrier concentration